With a nationwide distribution network, you can be sure you find a GASPECO location close to you.

Our team of specialists is available to identify the optimal technical solutions you need.

GASPECO's national distribution network consists of a well-developed portfolio of:

  • 17 distribution agents for cylinders with 20 regional warehouses;
  • Over 7500 resale points for the bottles through which the cylinders are sold to users;
  • More than 550 gas stations in which are sold both cylinders for household consumption, propane in cylinders and LPG fuel (Autogas);
  • Over 1500 customers for propane cylinders;
  • Over 150 locations that sell LPG Auto GASPECO
  • Over 1500 small bulk propane customers.
  • Over 2 million cylinders ( butane and propane) which ensures the continuous development of the distribution network and its supply without syncope.

We are therefore a reliable partner and the preferred option by more and more beneficiaries in developing solutions for the use of liquefied petroleum gas.

Always at your disposal