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CEO's message

Passion is energy and energy comes from everything we do at GASPECO each day, every day.

In GASPECO, our commitment is to provide safe and quality products and this is what guides us in everything we do, more than simply complying with the legislation and regulations in force. It helps and forces us at the same time to make correct decisions respecting the environment, partners, employees and especially customers.

Over 25 years of experience on the LPG market in Romania, we were the first to understand what quality products and services mean, being pioneers on the cylinder market and deliveries in small bulk systems. We are inspired by our customers and partners and motivated by our heritage. 

We always put the consumer first, we are responsive to the expectations of our clients and partners, offering products and services of superior quality.

To maintain the standards of a successful business we constantly aim to act with integrity, respecting ethical principles in every decision we make, as a commitment that helps us make the right decisions, regardless of the context or situation.

Current trends, as well as the ever-dynamic economic situation, require increased attention to the measures and procedures formulated within GASPECO L&D Romania, so that we can ensure a sustainable development and correct positioning of the company in the market, implementing and maintaining high standards of professionalism.

Our slogan, Quality, Safety and Tradition, for over 10 years has become our way of working, the value system that obliges us in everything we do each day in GASPECO, establishing clear performance objectives with the aim of increasing our customers satisfaction and to permanently improve the quality of our products and services.

We continue to invest significantly in the verification and testing of cylinders, in the technology of filling plants, in new safety systems, in the renewal of the cylinders park. We are always close to our customers with offers and products specially created to satisfy any energy need, developing -our distribution network to be closer to your home if we mean gas cylinders or your business if we mean small bulk system propane

Every day you can refuel your car or fleet in more than 150 Autogas locations or, more recently, in GASPECO gas stations that will surely become your number 1 choice, your preferred partner, as is the case with cylinders for gas cooker.

I invite you to find out more about GASPECO, about the history of the company or about our products and services by watching our presentation film.

Thank you for being close to us, for choosing GASPECO products and services, for visiting our website, and I promise you that we will continue to be the best, always at your disposal.

Cătălin Apostolescu